Thursday, September 09, 2004


How many of you celebrated Ronald Reagan's birthday? How many know when it is? If you did, unless you're just a trivia buff, you probably watched FOX News that day. Supposedly, "thousands" of supporters went to visit Ronald Reagan's house. The reporter filming the story later admitted only about 50 elementary school students showed up. He stated he was yelled at for not making the event seem more "festive". Why would a supposedly legitimate news agency be fabricating such a story?

As you are probably aware by now the FOX News Network should be called RNN (Republican News Network). If you disagree or just don't know what I'm talking about, I strongly urge you to rent the movie "Outfoxed" the next time you go to the video store.

Fox surely believes, "If no one likes our show, why are our ratings so high?” Well, maybe it's the way FOX packages every other story as "Urgent", "Late breaking" and "Alert". They once used the "Alert" screen to discuss BENIFER (Ben Afleck and Jennifer Lopez). They have lost all sense of professionalism in Journalism and substituted it with BIASED, RIGHT-WINGED PROPAGANDA. Even worse is that the legitimate News industry is forced to counter with similar programming in order to compete with FOX. It's now making all News networks Fair and Balanced--but only towards the far right!

Some of the FOX News tactics include:

1. Supporting President Bush on every issue, while demonizing Kerry and Democrats whenever possible. Interviews with Democrats are probing and harsh. Republicans being interviewed are always let off easy. In interviews with many experts, the conservatives usually out-number the liberals. The viewer is left feeling that conservative’s ideas massively out-number liberal ones. FOX News only shows snippets of John Kerry’s speeches while showing almost every speech by Bush live—even if it’s a platform speech (they are basically identical).

Remember, this is from a supposedly "Fair and Balanced" news network—in a country which had its last presidential election essentially resulting in a tie.

2. Creating an unnecessary sense of constant "Emergency" (in other words Fear) amongst viewers in order to perpetuate support for the Military and the Bush Administration.

3. Demonizing all Democrats as Un-American.

4. Portraying themselves as "Fair and Balanced" when in fact they are obviously influenced by FOX owner, Rupert Murdoch and his Republican ideals.

5. Employing relatives, ex-employees and affiliates of the Bush family and the Republican Party as Fox Executives, Program Managers, Anchors and Reporters.

6. Portraying all racial, ethnic and religious minorities with opinions conflicting with FOX's as Un-American, radical and even terrorist-related.

7. Firing virtually any employee including Writers, Anchormen, Writers and Producers that disagree with FOX’s/Murdoch’s positions on various political issues.

8. Using opinions instead fact. FOX News consistently shows right-winged commentary rather than actual news facts. No other News network uses nearly as much opinion based material.

FOX claims that it supposedly represents American values. None of these mentioned tactics are American. NO OTHER NEWS AGENCY HAS EVER CONSISTENTLY USED SUCH METHODS IN A MALICIOUS AND OFTEN OBVIOUS WAY.

There are hundreds of other strategies, policies and tricks FOX uses to manipulate its audience. I'm sure many of you already know most of them. Check the links below for more information.

Although they do have the right to express their opinion, YOU as a consumer have a RIGHT and DUTY to BOYCOTT FOX and its supporters!!! I think it's time that people actually took a stand and influenced a corporation in the most logical and tactical way--hit them in the pocketbook!

It's a perfectly American thing to do. When Bill O'Reilly did not like Pepsi using the rap-artist Ludacris to promote soda sales, he urged Americans to boycott all Pepsi products. Pepsi immediately pulled all the Ludacris ads. O’Reilly also has a list of French companies to boycott on his site. It's time we gave FOX a similar treatment. You must boycott directly (stop watching FOX) and indirectly (stop supporting FOX’s advertisers).

You may say, "Hey, if people don't like it, they won't watch." In that case, we should allow pretty much everything to be shown on TV, including racist programming, pornography and extreme violence--right? WRONG! Sometimes society has to take a stand on its ideals. If NBC, ABC or CBS started airing a program that was culturally unacceptable, then there would be protests and boycotts. Well here’s FOX—an entire NETWORK that’s not acceptable!

We don't want to sue FOX or take legislative action against them. They have a legitimate right to say what they like. However, we want to make them understand that UNFAIR AND UNBALANCED News is not American. If FOX came out blatantly and said that they were supporting the right-wing, most people wouldn’t have a problem with it. The problem is that many Americans really are fooled into believing that FOX is un-biased as legitimate news agencies should be. Their “Fair and Balanced” slogan is a crock. They must understand that we will not continue to give them our money via ratings.

You may also think, "Well I don't watch FOX, what else do you want me to do?" See Actions 2-8 below!


1. Refuse to watch the Fox or Fox News Channel. Ratings greatly affect the cost of commercials companies pay FOX to advertise. Lower viewer ratings=Less Profit
FOX will either have to change its programming format to either stop using Republican propaganda or include more Democratic viewpoints (the two or three borderline nit-wit, handpicked "liberals" they have on the shows don't quite cut it).

2. Urge children NOT to watch Fox News and explain to them (if you can) that it's biased. The last person you want to be your child's role model is Bill O'Reilly.

3. Request that FOX news NOT be shown on TV's at work, public offices, schools and or religious buildings. Advise the administrators/managers that FOX is clearly biased and often aggravating to people with different ideals.

4. Constantly remind your friends/co-workers that FOX is biased. If someone says they heard or saw something on FOX News, immediately dismiss the notion that it's real unbiased news. Ask them, "and what did the real news networks say?" and so forth. You have to spread the word that FOX News is propaganda.

5. Boycott the advertisers (bottom of this email). I know, I know, how the heck do you boycott Adobe? :)
But you can definitely boycott companies like Circuit City, Orbitz and Shell. You may not always have a choice but if you can, keep the advertiser list below in mind when making a decision.

OK this is the hardest part of any protest--petitioning. Everyone is often too lazy to do it, but you really should this time...

6. Write letters to FOX and especially the major advertisers. Simply state that you will no longer watch FOX or support any of the advertisers unless FOX changes their programming. The bigger the company, the more influential it is. See the site for addresses (below). You want to make it clear to the advertisers that you will no longer buy their products if they continue to support Rupert Murdoch/FOX.

7. As previously mentioned, see the movie, "OUTFOXED: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism". Whether you are Republican, Democrat, Green Party or Libertarian, you'll clearly see why FOX is dividing the nation.

8. Forward this email! Boycotting is one of the most powerful methods of changing corporate influence. In a free market economy, corporate power is limited by one thing: the consumer!!! Let Rupert Murdoch know that his opinions and ideals are not of our interest.

We don't want a Republican Controlled Media anymore! We want a media that is willing to challenge ALL political parties on issues.

Most large networks are owned by huge corporate conglomerations that can and often do influence the news to their favor. With FOX however, it's been more like an agenda of systematic manipulation rather than just influencing opinions. Other networks like ABC, CBS and MSNBC are already following in FOX's footsteps. FOX has to be stopped now!!! They must understand that it's the viewers who are the controlling party in News industry.

We want to be informed on what is happening, not to be told what to think!

Thanks for reading!

Good links: (you can read the transcript of the movie) (transcripts from FOX News Chief John Moody to staff--see how "Fair and Balanced" they really are)

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